Antonie Potgieter

Managing Member & Owner of Tribulant Software


I am a passionate software engineer and I live in South Africa with my wife Maria and our son Anton. On the web, I am also known as Contrid. Managing and growing Tribulant Software is my full-time position.

I have gained a large amount of experience in both internet marketing, software development and customer perception over the past 5 years of expanding the products base of Tribulant Software and evolving each software product individually into a user-friendly, flexible and reliable package.

Marietha du Plessis

Design & Multimedia


I'm a proud and energetic graphic and web designer living in South Africa. I graduated in 2009 as best student in graphic, multimedia and web design. Any form of creativity and design is my passion.

Working for Tribulant Software I can express my creativity and ideas to our clients and explore more each and every day doing what I love.

Vitor Argos

Design & Multimedia


I`ve been working on Tribulant`s website for a while now with the objective of making the life of our users easier. I'm also involved in some other projects related to design and UX, always looking forward to learn and share my ideas with this awesome team.

Living in Brazil after a season in the United States, I`m totally addicted to series, movies, cooking and soccer

Monique Greyvensteyn

PA & Support


Being a PA is hard work, however if you enjoy it and have the experience it becomes second nature. You are never too old or too young to learn different things, and I have certainly learnt a lot at my position here at Tribulant Software.

I have never been a peoples person, however working here and getting out my comfort zone I have realized that I can be one if I really try, being an introvert it is difficult to put myself out there, the fact that I have done well so far shows I can do almost everything if I put my heart to it.

I am a perfectionist when it comes to my work, I love languages (all kinds) and I love History, I believe the past fails and successes can help use move forward in our future.