Ramsey Khalaf

Managing Member & Owner of Tribulant Software

Ramsey Khalaf

I began Internet work (digital products and website building) in 2012, about the same time that I married my beautiful wife. We now have 2 wonderful daughters and one of them is in the photograph. While our base is in Canada, for the moment, we enjoy travelling as we both have families in various countries.

My goal for Tribulant is to ensure that our WordPress plugins remain at the top of every list. I plan on fulfilling that by ensuring a bug-free experience, having transparent marketing, and adding new, useful features.

Apart from developing and selling WordPress plugins, I also design, develop, and sell WordPress themes over at Organized Themes and Blogging Theme Styles.

To learn more about the services we offer, see our Services page.

Antonie Potgieter

Previous Owner of Tribulant Software


I am a passionate software engineer and I live in South Africa with my wife Maria and our son Anton. On the web, I am also known as Contrid. Managing and growing Tribulant Software used to be my full-time position.

I have gained a large amount of experience in both Internet marketing, software development and customer perception over the past 15 years of expanding the products base of Tribulant Software and evolving each software product individually into a user-friendly, flexible, and reliable package.

Nevena Grujic

Customer Support at Tribulant Software

Nevena Grujic

My name is Nevena Grujic. I live in Serbia, Europe. Customer support is my full-time position at Tribulant.

Many years in IT industry provided an experience in both technical and customer related fields. I help with development and support. At Tribulant Software, I focus all my knowledge on resolving our customers’ problems quickly and in the best possible way.