Tribulant Software Affiliates

Welcome to the Tribulant Software WordPress plugin affiliate program!

You an promote any of our products and earn 30% commission on sales referred.
Simply share your affiliate link and get paid when someone buys, that’s how easy it is.


Get Started as a WordPress Plugin Affiliate

To apply as a new affiliate or login as existing affiliate, click the button below:

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Terms & Rules of our Affiliate Program

Anyone can use our affiliate program to earn commission by promoting.
You can promote where you want to and how you want to, we don’t mind.

Here are just some simple terms/rules about our affiliate program:

  • Important: Add ?ref=X (replace X with your affiliate ID) to any link on our site. Make sure to follow the instructions here. We use WordPress for our affiliate website, but our Tribulant Plugins website ( does not use WordPress. We had to connect our custom system to make it work with the affiliate system that we use here.
    Example: (replace X with your affiliate ID). You can also remove the last forward slash before the question mark, if you prefer.


  • Referred users will be tracked for 30 days after following your link.
  • 30% commission of the sale amount will be awarded to you upon purchase.
  • Recurring payments, renewals, license upgrades, and service purchases (non-plugin purchases) do not count as referrals and will not generate a commission.
  • The commission amount is subject to change at any time and we will try our best to notify you via email.
  • Any affiliate who has two or more chargebacks or fraudulent credit card charges will immediately be removed from the program and not paid.
  • You cannot take out ads (Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, etc.) in our name, especially about a general page like our homepage. If you’d like to take out ads for “WordPress newsletter” or other, more specific terms, you’re free to do so, but the word “Tribulant” must not be in the advertisement. If you are found violating this, your account will be disabled immediately and your commission will not be paid out. If unsure, please contact us.
  • No coupon-only websites allowed.
  • When writing about Tribulant, your content must be honest and transparent.
  • We pay out affiliate commissions in USD via PayPal on a monthly basis. As we have a money-back guarantee with a refundable period, we only pay commissions that are older than the number of days specified in our refund policy.
  • There is no minimum payout balance.
  • Affiliates are responsible for paying PayPal’s fee since we send the PayPal payment as the “Paying for an item or service” method, which makes the receiver pay the fee. This activates PayPal’s protection service.

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