6 Ways Company Swag Can Help Boost Your Business

When it comes to promoting your business, company swag is one of your most valuable resources. It can be given to employees, potential or existing customers, partners, investors, and suppliers. Swag can be an indication of your company culture and a representation of your brand’s personality. Marketing and sales teams love swag because it can be used in many ways to improve brand value and drive sales.

When it comes to the best swag to use, there are countless choices. If you have trouble coming up with trendy promotional item ideas, take the advice from SnackNation’s team and go for lanyards, stress balls, sticky notes, mouse pads, ballpoint pens, apparel, electronics, and drinkware. That’s because promotional items are always in and what’s trendy now was trendy five years ago and will likely be what we see trending in another five years.

In this article, we’re outlining the top 6 ways you can boost your business with some help from company swag.



1.  Improve Brand Recognition

Today’s consumers tend to remember less information because they know the answers can easily be found online—and that means they might not easily remember your brand. This is where swag comes in.

Swag has the power to keep your brand in front of customers like no other advertising medium. People love promotional products and they tend to use them frequently. In fact, research has found that nearly 60% keep logoed items from 1-4 years, and more than 70% use them at least once a week. This means repeat exposure which makes it easier for recipients to identify the advertisers on the swag items they received.


2.  Enhance Customer Experience

Today’s consumers have high customer experience standards. No matter the size of your company, you need to strive to reach or even exceed those expectations if you don’t want to fall behind competitors who offer more memorable experiences.

Swag is a great way to improve your customer experience because it appeals to the five senses. Depending on the item, you can see, smell, hear, feel, and/or taste the product—things that can trigger positive memories and impressions associated with your company.


3.  Focus On Customer Retention

Did you know that it costs 6-7 times more to acquire new customers than to retain existing ones? Plus, the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60% to 70% and only 5% to 20% for new customers. Therefore, keeping your loyal customers happy should be on top of your priority list.

Promotional items can play a crucial role in rewarding and thanking customers for doing business with you and can be easily implemented into any branding or marketing campaign on any budget level. Whether you send traditional holiday gifts or decide to have Christmas in July, choose a time of the year to show customers your appreciation and let them know you care. This will give you an opportunity to dive even deeper into their purchasing needs, so they only consider your brand and not your competition.


4.  Create Brand Advocates

All brands strive to have super-loyal customers. They are called brand advocates, the ones who support you, buy everything you’re selling, and most importantly, tell others about you.

Many companies use personalization to tailor their brand experience around the individual consumer and build strong connections that are the basis for a loyal fan base. One of the ways to achieve this is by personalizing some of the swag merchandise you give to customers. Consider adding the person’s name to a printed calendar or an engraved pen. This will not only align the recipient with your brand but also increase the chance of the item being used, thus extending its value even further.


5.  Reward Your Employees

Employees working in companies with strong recognition programs bring substantial improvements to the business. Making an effort to reward and acknowledge your staff members can help create a positive company culture, boost your revenue, and more.

Making your employees feel valued and appreciated doesn’t have to cost lots of money. In fact, it is more important to be sincere and thoughtful. Gift cards, although easy to give, don’t make a perfect recognition choice because they’re impersonal and show your employees you don’t know them.

Consider creating a recognition program based upon branded items but with a touch of personalization. For instance, nice packaging can make a world of difference. Getting a pair of branded socks in the office is cool but getting them in a beautiful box shows extra effort was taken to make the product feel like a gift. In addition, packaging can add instant value and make even a budget-friendly product seem much more expensive.



6.  Give Back to the Community

Today’s customers expect brands to give back. Research has shown that a staggering 85% of consumers expect brands to be engaged on global issues and more than 50% of consumers are willing to reward socially responsible brands by doing business with them. So, if you want to attract more customers and boost your sales, start thinking about how you can help those in need.

One way to do this is by setting up a charitable volunteer program. Whatever you decide to do, regardless if it is serving meals at a local food kitchen or helping at an animal shelter, be sure to provide swag for your team members to wear as a uniform: hats, gloves, t-shirts, work aprons. This will not only unite the team but also commemorate the event while at the same time giving your brand extra exposure.


Final Thoughts

From corporate gifting to employee recognition programs, company swag can take your brand to a whole new level. The better your sway and the more consistent with your branding, the more impactful it will be. By making your brand details highly visible, such as your company name, contact info, and website, you will be able to extend your brand reach quickly, effectively, and at a low cost.

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