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How To Build Loyalty With Your New And Existing Employees

The saying “a good man is hard to find” is doubly true when coming to employees. At any point in time, as much as 55 percent of your staff may be looking for other opportunities. That’s more than half. Studies show that you can expect to lose as much as a third of your staff […]

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How You Can Add a Free Bankruptcy Calculator to Your Bankruptcy WordPress Site

With most bankruptcy attorneys, you have the job of both managing the law and also managing a business. Many of the attorneys I work with love the former and not the latter. With managing a business, you often have to find potential bankruptcy clients. This can be challenging for bankruptcy attorneys to set themselves apart […]

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8 Things to Know Before Hiring Developers

Hiring a dedicated developer for your company is a significant undertaking that comes with a lot of expectations. It’s difficult to dismiss new workers if they don’t perform as planned. It can be unjust for an employer, but you expect to do a comprehensive interview process before hiring people you believe are a good fit […]

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10 Simple Steps to Build Trust for eCommerce Websites

To make your product sell it is important to gain your customer’s trust. To get success in any type of business, it is important to ensure your customer’s belief in you. When it comes to attracting new customers to your business, trust is the most important factor as it plays a key role. It is […]

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4 Tips For Better Omni-Channel Customer Service

Customer service is an important aspect of any business. It’s one of the primary factors customers consider when deciding where to do business. In fact, 90 percent of Americans say they factor in customer service when determining where to shop. In addition, 89 percent say they are more likely to make another purchase after a […]

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How To Use Design Thinking To Guide Your Brand’s Growth

In a nutshell, design thinking is a human-centered problem-solving tool that creates the best solutions through a creative and iterative process. It was first presented by a scientist named Herbert A. Simon as a way of thinking. This idea was then followed by Robert Mckim, an engineer, and author of the book “Experiences In Visual […]

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How to Add Google Workspace to Your WordPress Site

There is some good news for WordPress users. A partnership with Google will now give you access to all the functionalities of Google Workspace. Google Workspace has tons of excellent features. It allows for easy collaboration and sharing of documents. It is also previously known as G Suite. Don’t get confused if the 2 terms […]

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Great Accessories to Make Working from Home Easier

Working from home can be a big change to come to terms with, and there are a lot of things that make it more of a challenge than most people realize. However, there are also a lot of ways to help make working from home a more pleasant experience. One of the best ways to […]

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5 Essential Strategies for Growing Your Medical Practice

Healthcare is an unbelievably profitable and competitive industry sector, especially for private practitioners, where every doctor is trained to provide quality medical service. However, running a thriving practice is an entirely different matter than providing patients with top-quality healthcare. That’s why you need to take a step back and look at your practice from a […]

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Call Center Software Features You Must Know

For any business to succeed, it needs to have some remarkable distinguishing features. It will also help them in differentiating themselves from the competitors. The same holds for a call center as well. Today, call centers need to go far beyond having just landlines or business phone systems. There is no shortage of features today. […]

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