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How to secure sensitive information in the workplace

Information is everything in today’s world and a company always has lots of sensitive information it needs to protect. The government for most countries generally offers plenty of advice on how to secure your vital information, but many business owners fail to do so. It’s usually when they lose precious information that they understand their […]

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Cybersecurity Concerns Your Employees Need to Know When Your Business Goes Remote

Several compliance issues come with hiring remote employees, but many of your employees may not know how they’re putting business and customer data at risk. Working from home can lead to identity fraud, data breaches, and many other negative consequences. To ensure your files stay protected against hackers, be sure to mitigate the following problems. […]

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7 Tips for Staying Safe When Playing Online

Today, the Internet offers us an endless amount of ways to entertain ourselves – from playing online games and watching blockbusters on streaming services to spinning slots in online casinos and meeting new people in interest-based communities. And while all these activities are fun and exciting, it is essential to remember about your safety when […]

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5 Simple Steps to Secure Your WordPress website

All growing businesses and brands online should provide their customers with an excellent experience to stand out from their competitors. And optimal cybersecurity is one of the most important aspects of a great experience online. Since WordPress is a popular and commonly used CMS (content management system) to create a website or online business, cybercriminals […]

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Unlocking Top WordPress Security Tricks For Your Website In 2021

With the pandemic being around for such a long time, office, service sector, education, entertainment, and whatnot, you name it, and everything is just a click away on the Internet. Moreover, the Internet has seen such a fast advancement in new technologies being introduced to match up with the everyday requirements of our daily lives. […]

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5 Reasons To Stop Using Your Personal Phone For Business

While a personal phone is essential for everyone in almost all aspects, it’s not recommended for business use. Even if you have the latest smartphone, apps, and the like, it’s still best to have a business phone system. That way, you can avoid the following reasons that may impede your business and affect your personal […]

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Top 8 Benefits of Installing WordPress with Reverse Proxy

A reverse proxy acts as a bridge that sends requests and receives responses from servers. It is an essential tool for business owners who want to launch blogs for their businesses. WordPress is the most preferred blogging platform by businesses. That’s because of its efficient Content Management System. But then, installing it on the webserver […]

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10 Top cybersecurity practices for your website 2021

You can never deny the fact that every business can fall victim to cybercrime. According to research, hackers attack more than 50,000 websites every day, a statistic that no company wants to be a part of. This has made it vital for businesses to secure their websites with all the best security tools and practices. The easiest way […]

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SiteLock vs Wordfence

The emergence of hacking goes back to the time of the emergence of websites. The positives and negatives of the internet world walk hand-in-hand making website protection necessary for everyone. But with dozens of security options available in the market, how do you choose the best one for your website? I’m here examining the differences […]

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Evolution of Internet security threats

Our society is getting more digitally mastered and integrated every day due to technological development’s rapid pace. This exponential pace of change has resulted in the proliferation of data security issues and cryptography science to address them. Considering the broad amounts of data that companies send to allow Internet interactions and purchases to realize why […]

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