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What Hiring Managers Should Know About Cybersecurity

If you’re a hiring manager in search of cybersecurity professionals for your organization, you can try a number of different strategies. Many positions in IT, and cybersecurity in particular, benefit from an inherent flexibility that makes it possible to work from anywhere. If you and your organization are able to offer work-from-home options to your […]

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How to Protect Privacy Online?

Digital annoyance is something that you don’t want to tolerate especially if you wish to surf the internet in peace. With most of the businesses jumping into the online world, the competition continues to get tight leading to some of the businesses (if not all), settling for shady methods to market their products and services […]

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Will Using a VPN Connection Enhance your Online Security?

Torrenting sites, free video streaming platforms, and your antivirus software all tell you the same thing – “Download a VPN to protect your security and anonymity online.” So, if you are asking yourself whether you really need a VPN, the answer is “Yes, always.” A VPN enhances your online security in multiple ways – it […]

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Tech Tips For Small Business Owners

As the owner of a small business, it is always helpful to rely on technology because this can help your company to succeed in many ways. Technology can often be used to level the playing field, reduce staffing needs, streamline processes, reduce costs, and generally help a smaller company in its daily operation. Technology can […]

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4 Commonly Overlooked Cybersecurity Threats

While many people are understandably worried about email phishing, ransomware, and traditional virus-types, there are some commonly overlooked cybersecurity threats which demand equal amounts of attention. In fact, some of these cybersecurity threats may get talked about from time to time, but they fall to the wayside when there’s news about big security breaches and […]

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Internet Safety Guide for College Students

Student life brings novelty to one’s routine. But it also brings new obligations. Being a college student means being responsible for: Your time; Deadlines; Financial security; Keeping things in order; Your safety and security in general. We can also add online safety to the last point. The thing is, students spend around 45% of their […]

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8 Business Tech Tips For Startups

In today’s technologically-advanced age, there are many ways that a startup can use tech to boost their business. It can also be hard to know the best way to use tech for your company because it is constantly developing, it can be complex, and it can also be expensive to invest in new technology. Therefore, […]

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10 Tips Guide for Improving the Security of Your WiFi Network

Sometimes we do not realize the vulnerability of our network and think that being inside our own home, we will not suffer any attack. Everyone warns that public wifi networks can be unsafe, but… What about domestic wifi networks? With the aim of helping you to understand a little more about wifi security, we have […]

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All About the New Spectre x360 13 Security Upgrades & the Partnership Behind it

HP is a long-time player in the laptop industry thanks to their laptops’ reliability, quality, and performance. Their Spectre laptops embody these qualities, currently ranking as some of the most popular laptops you can buy right now. Knowing this, I shouldn’t be surprised that many people were hyped after reading the press release for HP’s […]

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7 Ways To Improve The Security Of Your WordPress Website

Examples of security and site protection on WordPress websites from hacking by simple but little known or ignored 7 ways of data security. Blog hacking and loss of results of long-term works for one night is a sad reality with which some had to face personally. Researches show that 37 thousand websites are hacked daily […]

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