Essential Website Design Elements To Have On Your Website

Having a great website can make your business stand out from your competitors. Even if you have quality products, shoppers won’t stay long on a poorly designed website – a slow, unsecured, and unreliable website.

That’s why knowing the essential website design elements and their organization and placements are important. Decluttering your website will help improve traffic and conversions of your e-commerce website.

Check out the essential website design elements that your website should have by reading below.


Navigation Tools

One of the best tips for better designs when it comes to websites is having great navigation tools. Navigation tools refer to links used by online users that are available in your website to easily navigate through web pages. As a tip, the menu items should be made easily accessible to your visitors. Creating a site map is also a good idea to ensure accessibility to different web pages on your website.

A well-organized website includes several navigation tools to ensure that the website structure is easily understood. On the other hand, a poorly designed website may require using the “Back” button on the browser toolbar, or retyping the primary website domain to return to the homepage whenever a visitor loses track of the location.

Here are some other examples of website navigation tools:

  • Navigation Bar: It refers to a bar of links that provide easy access to the main website areas, which are usually located at the top of webpages. The navigation bar includes links to primary web pages, such as “Home,” “About,” “Shop,” “Contact Us,” and product feature pages.

The primary navigation menu should mirror and expand in the footer of a web page.

  • Text Links: Text links are hyperlinked texts. These links recommend additional resources that are helpful to the online user.

Also, you can use them to provide links to your content’s resources.

  • Breadcrumbs: Breadcrumbs are a series of words in a row showing the hierarchy of web pages used to reach the current page.

Page breadcrumbs look like this: Home > Products > Features and Benefits.

  • Call-to-action Buttons: This navigation tool provides visitors a sense of direction. It’s like telling them what to do next, which can help increase brand awareness and boost sales.


Engaging and Helpful Content

Nothing can beat a unique, helpful, and engaging content. That’s why you have to create better blog content every time.

Learning the art of content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) can take your website to a higher level in terms of ranking in search engines, like Google, and visitor retention.

The longer a visitor stays on your website and explore, the more Google will love your website and reward you by ranking high in search results. For online visitors to stay, you need to convince them that they need your products and services through your content.

Here are some types of web content you can post on your website:

  • How-to’s, guides, or tutorials
  • Product reviews
  • Infographics
  • Statistical data, clinical trials, or studies


Graphic Design

Make your website more appealing by incorporating suitable graphic design elements based on the type of website, intention, or purpose (like sales, personal blog, or marketing) and desired outcomes (increase online sales, create partnerships, or brand awareness).

Here are some examples of graphic design elements:

  • Animation: This graphic design element makes your website more interactive and interesting.
  • Flashy Intros: Capture the attention of first-time visitors with flashy intros, but avoid excessive advertorial intros as much as possible.
  • Scrolling Text: Use scrolling texts to entice online shoppers, wherein you can offer great deals, like discounts, contest prizes, and freebies once they signup or make their first purchase.
  • Whitespace: Negative or white space promotes balance, which prevents having an overloaded website.
  • Videos and Images: Aside from creating text content, you also need to spice up the looks of your website by uploading clear images and videos.
  • Colors and Theme: Choosing the right color combination and theme for your website can draw the desired emotion you want from your visitors, so you can prompt them to take action.



Security Features

Because almost everyone is technically inclined in the digital age, the bad guys also leveled up. Cyber attacks, invasion of privacy, data leak, and security threats are common online. So, consumers want to safeguard their online safety and privacy by checking website security features.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates or digital certificates refer to a standard security technology installed on a website. It enables encrypted communication between web servers and web browsers. It means that all information provided by online users will be sent through the internet via encrypted files so only intended recipients can access it. It avoids data breach, most especially financial data.



The essential website design elements you incorporate on your website include navigation tools, security features, useful content, and appealing graphic design. By doing so, you’ll create a more engaging, secure, and helpful website that can help increase your traffic, leads, conversions, and sales.

In this way, you can show a stronger web presence and attain your business goals.

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