Effective Social Media Marketing Tools 2020

Social media marketing is all the rage of the 21st century. In the beginning, people were apprehensive about becoming a part of social media. Social media began with the participation of daily citizens concerned that somehow, the Y2K bug will affect all of their communications and data.

Best social media marketing tools

Best Social Media Marketing Tools

The internet soon became flooded with commercial organizations, all vying for their customer’s attention on social media. Social media marketing tools were formulated to help business establishments achieve their goals in terms of growth and expansion. Let’s look at some of the more productive social media marketing tools which can be used to get ahead of the competition.


Buffer is a social media marketing tool, which coordinates with 21 different social media websites, all in the same place. If you are looking for what you need to have to start a blog, which follows a definite schedule, Buffer is the application for you. You can assign administrators to your profile.
The administrators decide the post content and the schedule of delivery. You can optimize links and page titles before publishing using Buffer. Users might face some issues integrating their posts on Pinterest using Buffer. Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera extensions are available for Buffer, which also has a user-friendly interface. There is only a free trial and no free version of Buffer.


BuzzSumo is for entrepreneurs who find it challenging to come up with productive new ideas. Suggest keywords to BuzzSumo, and it will find relatively popular content for you. There are different ways to filter the relevant data, for example, by date, popularity, and engagement. The design of the graphic interface is excessively spontaneous and impractical.
Consistently coming up with productive new ideas has become much easier with BuzzSumo. BuzzSumo can help you locate your most influential users and your most popular keywords. BuzzSumo has a free version, as well as a paid version.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is the social media marketing tool you can use to create a social media buzz with the power of your franchise. It can be said that, it is a resilient business solution that delivers impeccable results. The interface has an assiduously pragmatic and professional design. Nothing seems out of place.
Sprout Social can help users create content, deploy schedules, save content for later, edit posts and images, and suggest peak hours of social media. Sprout Social is the recommended solution if you are looking for a systematic and organized assistant who is productive in the long-run. The paid plans on Sprout Social are all money well-spent.


IFTTT is an acronym for If This, Then That. Just as computer programmers will tell you, IFTTT is computer programming logic that revolves around a condition. The tool uses an applet (recipe) which executes a particular instruction when a specific condition is met, or command is performed.
IFTTT is a highly valuable tool for businesses managing multiple social media accounts and looking for automation. IFTTT can help you link your Instagram to your Pinterest. One of the surprising facts about IFTTT is that the tool is entirely free. You can design your applet or choose from the multifarious applets already created by other users.


SocialOomph is uniquely designed to help users market their profile/product on Twitter. It has both free and paid plans. With the free program, you can manage up to five Twitter profiles. One of the most crucial features of this software is the automatic direct messaging feature.
The automatic direct messaging feature allows you to send a direct message to your new followers. This feature helps you target your most valuable potential clients, the ones who just signed up. Other features make it easy to manage all of your Twitter posts, making sure that you do not lose any of your followers.


To be popular on social media platforms, businesses and people need to keep posting attractive and exciting visuals and graphics. With these illustrations, companies can enhance their brand recognition across multiple social media platforms. Canva also administers tools to make sure you place your displays aesthetically on your website.
The best part about Canva is that you do not have to be a graphics designer to calibrate your images. You can easily tweak the visuals to meet the configuration of your website. With these tools, you can cut, crop, and align your graphics as well as fine-tune the texture of the visuals.


Tailwind is a social media marketing tool specially designed for Pinterest and Instagram users. One of the basic features of Tailwind is that it can help you organize the schedule of your posts. Tailwind can facilitate monitoring conversations to help you quantify results. Although social media marketing is not a complicated process, this Italian University offers an academic degree in how to become an online influencer.
As Tailwind users use the application regularly, the app will suggest the user’s peak hours of activity. Users can see their performance statistics for the past seven days. These statistics include the number of followers and repins in the previous seven days. Tailwind also provides a comparison of the last week with the average level of performance each week.

Social Clout

Social Clout seamlessly integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube. There are multiple facets of production for this tool. Social Clout can help you plan and publish content which connects with your users. The Clout platform delivers customer support to organizations looking for extensive customer support for their products or services.
Social Clout tools can be used by organizations that deliver intangible services or physical products. Social Clout provides audience analyses and reports, which can provide valuable insight. With the information presented by Social Clout, entrepreneurs can make the right decision to expand their business’s influence and viewership in the right direction.


A competition, survey, quiz, photo contest, or sweepstakes is one of the most excellent ways of developing user engagement. If your tournament or poll aligns with the appropriate audience, it can help you grow your online influence in various distinct directions. Agorapulse claims to provide all the insight without the clutter.
Agorapulse has the logistics to manage a large number of user’s information. You can see which of your posts are the most popular, controversial, or the most liked with Agorapulse. Agorapulse administers a free trial period after which users can decide which plan they would like to purchase. The software works in coordination with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


Hootsuite is the tool for you if you have already had an online presence for quite some time. Now you can manage all the aspects of your social media marketing campaign with Hootsuite. “With Hootsuite, take advantage of over 150 different tools and apps to effectively manage a social media marketing campaign,” according to Olivia Mason, the social media marketing expert of Australian Master.
Hootsuite delivers support for a list of over 35 different social networks with round-the-clock customer support. Hootsuite allows users to post on multiple social media networks at precisely the same time. Cross-platform compatibility can easily be achieved using Hootsuite because it delivers support for mobile users.

Social Metrics Pro

A majority of business owners develop their website using WordPress. Social Metrics Pro is a WordPress plugin that helps business tycoons measure the impact of their social media marketing campaign. Social Metrics Pro has a unique color-coding method. The platform makes it easier to understand which posts are viral.
Social Metrics Pro administers bit-by-bit instructions to maximize your website rankings to achieve social media success. Numerous users have used the recommendations they received from Social Metrics Pro to turn their website into a social media success. Social Metrics Pro does not eat up server resources.

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