Top Tips for Securing Your Blog Secure

Securing Your Blog

Growing a successful blog takes time and a great level of consistency. However, if you’re able to dedicate yourself to it, you’re likely to experience a rewarding level of success. Having said that, after working so hard to build your blog, it’s critical that you keep it safe. There are several security practices you could adopt to ensure you aren’t putting your blog at risk. On that note, below are a couple of top tips for securing your blog that you should be able to apply.

Choose Strong Passwords

The first and simplest tip for protecting your blog is to keep your password safe. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to guess a password, so avoid ones that can easily be guessed. An example of a popular password is “123456”. Try and avoid passwords that are below six characters although they can be harder to remember. A good password should have several characters such as numbers, symbols, as well as lower case and uppercase letters.

Consider Network Security

In addition to choosing a strong password, you should think about using network security. This can help protect the integrity of your company’s network as well as its data. You can use either hardware or software network security solutions to help identify and stop security threats. Try implementing Kubernetes network policies too seeing as they are a way of ensuring your network is secure.

Use a Security Plugin

If you use WordPress, think about getting a security plugin as this could protect you against hackers. Seeing as WordPress happens to be one of the most commonly hacked CMS’, getting one could significantly help. However, you can keep your site secure without a plugin by keeping your themes as well as plugins up-to-date. In addition to this as mentioned earlier, use strong passwords and limit user access. 

Install an SSL Certificate

Another security tip to try is installing an SSL certificate as a way of protecting your blog. More specifically, an SSL is a digital certificate that encrypts your connection and gives a website authentication. SSL certificates from SSL2BUY are relatively affordable, so look into getting one. Another benefit of an SSL is that it helps with your search engine ranking as your site is seen as one that’s more secure.

Put Security Software on Your Devices

If you haven’t done so already, putting security software on your devices can give you an added layer of protection too.

You never know when your cookies or saved passwords could be stolen and used as a means of gaining access to your blog. Before choosing software, think about what your security needs are as well as what your budget is.

There are numerous safety measures that you can take in order to protect your blog. You should be trying to be as cautious as possible as well as stay up to date with trends in online security. Hopefully, after reading this article you have an idea regarding how to keep your blog secure.

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