7 Secrets for Effective SEO Strategy for Startups

By now, every smart entrepreneur must have acknowledged the importance of SEO in today’s times. A company that doesn’t show up on Google is a no-name company, same as a company who hasn’t yet developed a social media presence.

The 21stcentury has brought significant modifications in the way we search for information and the ways in which we seek and purchase products. Nowadays, branding and SEO are the main differentiating factors between big-time success and mediocre results (possibly failure too).

As a new startup, you should immediately start developing a relationship with Google (and the rest of the search engine friends). To do that, you must know what to do and you must be willing to take action and do it.

In today’s post, I’m sharing 7 SEO techniques that any startup (regardless of its stage) can leverage to improve its rankings and reputation in the SERPs. Pay attention, take some notes, and apply!

2.Understand Your Audience’s Mindset

Almost every digital marketing tips type of article contains this advice. “Know your audience and you’ll be able to sell,” they say…but why?

In the context of SEO, knowing your audience means figuring out the challenges, struggles, problems, needs, desires, hopes, fears, and expectations of your traffic. You must do your homework well, seeking both direct and indirect feedback from the connections you have already made.

3.Optimize for Intention

Search engine startups are the businesses that prioritize SEO over any other brand positioning and promotion technique.

Knowing your audience’s mindset will help you anticipate their search intentions. Simpler put, find out what your target audience’s intentions are when seeking specific keywords and offer them the specific solutions through your content, products, or services.

Optimizing for intention also means to figure out the complete process that a prospective customer has to go through before he ends up purchasing. The more you optimize for intention the better metrics your site will have: decreased bounce rate, more time spent on the site, improved social media signals, etc.

4.Google is Important But Not as Important as Your Customers

If you start with SEO in mind, make sure you don’t forget why you’re doing SEO in the first place. Your end goal is to develop a good relationship with prospects, make them trust your brand and offers, and eventually to generate a sale.

You cannot do that unless your site traffic resonates with your content’s message and the words that support it. Therefore, avoid excessive keyword optimization, don’t sound like a robot, and never sacrifice your brand-to-customer communication for the sake of one or two SEO techniques.

5.Study the Competition

The best way to improve your startup success odds is to constantly study your competition. Backlinks are a huge factor in any SEO strategy. For that reason, leveraging a competitive analysis tool is extremely advised.

Any reputable tool you choose will offer you amazing details that can help you understand what the “big boys” are doing, and what you should be doing to follow their success.

First off, make sure that you leverage a backlink software that can monitor, analyze, and measure all your backlinks. Second, compare your backlinking strategy with the strategies of your biggest competitors. Connect the dots, find twists, and apply them to your current SEO strategy.

6.Take Your Content’s Quality to New Heights

When I hear “SEO for startups”, I always think of content. That is probably because any digital marketing campaign, whether it’s SEO, forum marketing, or social media marketing, requires high-quality content in order to “work”.

Content is information. When people search for keywords in Google, they’re actually searching for information. If they end up on your startup site, it’s critically important that you leave them with the right impression. That can be easily achieved if you keep your content publishing standards high!

7.Publish Roundup Posts

One of the best ways to attract attention and boost your startup’s momentum is to craft and publish roundup posts. A roundup post is a collection of answers/ideas/opinions that come from experts.

For example, if you’re startup is related to the medical industry, you can ask one or two questions to 50 doctors, organize their answer in a beautiful article, and pack it beautifully, giving it an attractive title such as “50 Doctors Tell the #1 Reasons Why …” or “Curing Cancer: The Tips of 35 Healthcare Professionals”.

Roundup posts are extremely attractive both to people and to search engines. They inspire authority, hard work, and relevance. Therefore, if you want to start with the right foot, prepare at least a comprehensive roundup post!

8.Patience and Consistency

The last “secret” (and the most important one) is to be patient. Search engine optimization is a journey, not a result.

Practice consistency and stay resilient regardless of the negative events that slow down your progress. Acknowledge that you’ll never be able to fully secure your position in the SERPs, and you’ll always have to work hard to preserve it. Do that, and your SEO success shall soon arrive.

Final Words

The SEO game is constantly changing. Similar to any country’s laws and regulations, Google is always going to change and shift its algorithms according to its priorities.

As a startup owner, you should assess the current state of affairs, acknowledge the best strategies for your own startup, and take hard and smart action on a consistent basis. Do that every day and success is guaranteed!

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