Off Page SEO and Its Importance

Off page SEO involves the use of a number of techniques with the aim of improving the general position of the website in the search results’ list. Usually, when the term “off page SEO” is mentioned, what comes into the minds of many people is link building. However, this is not the only technique associated with off page optimization. What it generally does is help in promoting the rank of the website in search results. There are methods that are beyond the design of the website.

On page SEO deals with on-the-web activities in order to optimize for search engines. Off page SEO deals with activities that are out of the site’s boundaries. They include:

  1. Link Building – the most common of off-page optimization methods, this process enables the building of external links that generally increase the votes or recommendations of your website which in turn helps surpass the rank of your competitors. This happens when an author of a given article references another article in his/her article or blog which in turn informs the search engine of the relevance of  site. It is like voting for your site which means that the more the votes the higher the ranking. Today, many webmasters build links by using methods like forum signatures where people comment on forums, comment on blogs or other sites as well as creating article, blog and shared content directories.
  2. Social media networking – social media forms part of off page SEO and it is also another way of building links. Today, when a site receives more mentions in social media, it has a better chance of ranking higher in search engine results. It is essential for profiles on social media platforms to be properly configured in order to improve the SEO process.
  3. Social bookmarking – despite losing popularity in the recent days, this off page optimization technique is still very vital in driving traffic to your site. It is possible to find a wide range of websites that you can use to promote your site’s content.  For instance, and among others.

Importance of Off Page SEO

Usually, search engines always do their best to provide the user with the best results possible. In order to do it, they consider both on page and off page factors of SEO. Optimization ensures that search engines are made aware of the other sites’ perception of a given website. This is so because relevant websites have higher chances of having more references from other sites; most likely to be mentioned more on social media. It is also likely to be shared and bookmarked more among other concurring web users.

Benefits of Off Page SEO

  1. Higher rankings – higher ranking of the website in the search results thanks to the increased traffic to the site.
  2. Google ranks pages on a scale of 0 to 10 according to the least relevant (0) and the most relevant (10). Higher page ranks means higher website ranking as well.
  3. Increased exposure – when a site receives a higher ranking, it has higher chances of getting a higher number of links, visits as well as mentions in social media. This exposes the business and in the process it’ll gain more and more new visitors and customers.

Just like on page SEO is important; off page SEO is equally important. A successful SEO campaign must involve both of these techniques in order to get those higher rankings for your site.

Here is a video from Brian Dean, Founder of, that demonstrates the Skyscraper Technique. This technique is a simple, 3-step off page SEO strategy that he has successfully used in a dozen different niches. Enjoy


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  1. Sven on November 14, 2019

    Off page SEO is certainly as much as important as on page SEO. I totally agree with you


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