Slideshow Gallery plugin 1.6.3

Our popular WordPress Slideshow Gallery plugin has been updated to version 1.6.3

The main reason for this update is to fix some bugs and we’ve made some improvements.
See the detailed release notes for a list of changes made.


New Improvements

Allow html in description of slides

You will now be able to use html in the descriptions of a slideshow.

Auto Hide Thumbnail Bar

A new setting has been added to auto hide the thumbnail bar if there’s only one image in the slideshow.

Some Important Bug Fixes

  • Changing paths causes media uploaded slides thumbnails to break
  • Prev an Next buttons not showing in some browsers (Firefox)
  • Next & Prev arrows not showing in Colorbox overlay
  • Slideshow is sliding with only one slide/image available
  • and more...

Get the Slideshow Gallery plugin 1.6.3

If you already have the WordPress Slideshow Gallery Plugin, update it to version 1.6.3 in your WordPress dashboard.

If you need the WordPress Slideshow Gallery you can purchase it on our site.

Buy the Slideshow Gallery!

We ask you kindly to give the plugin a rating and say that it “Works” and consider giving a positive rating/review on if it worked out well for you and you feel that it was helpful/useful to you.

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