5 Power Tips For Designing An Awesome Website

When you search for website design tips, you’re sure to find so many all over the Internet. Many people have written and talked about it, simply because there’s a high demand for them. With your website effectively being your main point of call for bringing in more customers and sales for your business, having a well-designed and good functioning website is a must.

While a “perfect” website design is typically subjective, there are certain parameters one must follow to ensure they at least have a good functioning site. After all, when you put in so much effort and money into your website, the last thing you want is for it to all go to waste.

To help you in this pursuit, here are 5 power tips for designing an awesome website:


  1.  Improve Website Usability

All other design tips considered, if your website usability is poor, your website might get clicked on, but no one will stick around. The main elements to ensure usability is met are that your website should be easy to navigate, it should be mobile-friendly, and also accessible for different users.

The end goal should be that your website’s visitors are able to immediately and easily find all of the information they’re looking for. To achieve that, here are some things you’ll want to focus on:

  • Readability: Which means your font size, color, and design theme all go together seamlessly. This should also include proper spacing in between paragraphs, so that your website won’t look too text-heavy.
  • Navigation: No matter the kind of device a visitor is browsing from, they should be able to find whatever information they’re looking for on your site quite easily. Moreover, your website’s format shouldn’t get altered. Your website should be able to accommodate for a big laptop screen to smaller mobile screens.
  • Clean and consistent layout design: Ensure your website doesn’t look messy or confusing by utilizing a clean and consistent design. If you’re a novice in website layouts, there are ready-made themes such as SQSPthemes’ design kits that you can use, so you’re sure that your layout is good.


  1. Good Content

One of the most common misconceptions done when designing a website is that the focus is more on the theme itself, and content is an afterthought. A Good starting point for any website is to ensure your content is a part of your design process. No matter how well designed your website is, if the content is poor, then you still aren’t going to be able to bring new traffic in.

Aim for first-class content all the time on your website, provide videos, relevant information, and high-resolution images.



  1. Make Site Speed Your Top Priority

Speed site refers to the time it takes for your website to load. Unfortunately, on the World Wide Web, this means nothing less than fast is desirable. There’s no room for slow loading, as those who are looking for information on the Internet want answers to come fast. This means you’ve got only around 1 to 3 seconds to let your website visitors wait. Anything beyond that already increases the likelihood of your website getting closed in favor of another one that takes faster to load.

If you think your page loading speed is slow, here are some tips to put you back on the right track:

  • Optimize your images and video.
  • Enable a caching, page speed plug in.
  • Improve server response time by identifying all of the applicable performance bottlenecks on your page.


  1. Keep Your Layout Simple

There’s beauty in simplicity, as this will make your site look more professional. If there’s too much going on your website, it might look like no one put in the effort to make it look nice and clean. Putting in random elements with no purpose won’t do anything to make your website look better.

Here are a few ideas to have a simple, but very effective website design:

  • Ditch the sidebar: Nowadays, the sidebar can be considered as extra fluff on a website. Rather than have one, you can merely have your text on a single-column layout, so your website visitors can merely scroll down and up with ease.
  • Keep your information readily available: Tabs are a good way to organize information, so that it’s easily accessible to your website visitors. Strategize your website so that each of section is effective in keeping all your information in the right place. For instance, a “Contact Us” tab should be where all your business details like physical locations, phone numbers, and email addresses are.
  • Keep your content concise: Especially on your home page, a good length for your text, to comply with SEO standards should be an average of 500 to 1,000 words. If anything goes beyond that, you may want to break each section up with headers and photos. That way, your layout will still look simple and will be less-confusing.


  1. Encourage Interaction

Lastly, a power tip you shouldn’t take for granted when designing your website is to encourage interaction on your website. This is a very effective way to get your website to rank higher, as there’ll be so much buzz surrounding it.

You can achieve this by having a comments, feedback, or a suggestions area on your website. Make it easy for your website visitors to converse with you and leave comments. Then, when they do, take the time to respond as well.

Apart from making your website popular, if your site is for business purposes, this can also help you create trust with your target customers. Because they see you interacting with your site visitors, they might just stick around and appreciate the time and effort you are giving your customers.



From using the right layout and even improving the overall function of your website, these are just some of the power tips that can help ensure your website is properly executed and is effective. Nowadays, with competition so tight, it’s not just enough to have a website up and running, you’ve got to ensure your website stands out.

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