How students can earn money with WordPress

The secret formula (or guideline) to making more money with WordPress websites consistently on autopilot is quite simple, but it needs a specific process when setting up, to save time and make more money. There are essential things you need to have if you want the formula to work as good as it’s supposed to. Students can create a blog without thinking about who do my accounting homework, or anything else.

Listed below are things you need to make money with WordPress websites consistently hands-free and using a simple formula (or guide).

You Need A Hosting Service

A web hosting service may be a kind of net hosting service that permits people and organizations to form their web site accessible via the World Wide Web (www).

At the time of me writing this post – you can get started at Hostgator ‘Hatchling’ for only $8.76 for one month, but that will only allow you to host one website for one month only.

Go to to create an account if you don’t have one.

You Need Something To Sell

This is a significant factor to consider because if you choose the wrong product to sell – no matter how much you try marketing it – your conversions will be low. To avoid this and make money with your website, you need to find something ‘Good’ to sell.

Hot Tip:Fill in your ‘Correct’ details because it will be used when they need to send payments twice a month.

Another Hot Tip: You need to believe in what you are selling – purchase the product if possible! If you don’t like or find what you are promoting, then chances are, others will feel the same!

Go to to create a free affiliates account.

A Perfect Keyword + 10 LSI Keywords

Finding the ‘Perfect’ Keyword is also crucial to the success of your website if you want to make more money on the internet. After you have found a product to sell from ClickBank, then go to ‘Google Adwords’ to determine whether there are enough people in the marketplace who are looking for what you have to offer. As for example the writing services basically focussed on the keywords for do my assignment which is mostly searches by students.

A Ninja Domain Name

When you have found ‘Thee Perfect Keyword’ for your offer, depending on what you are promoting – Use that ‘Keyword’ as the domain name for ranking purposes. If the domain name is not available, then use the ‘.net or .org’ extensions – don’t use ‘.info’ because it’s used mostly by spam sites!

You Need WordPress + Theme

When you have completed all of the above and received an email from Hostgator with your ‘CPanel’ login info, then you are ready to install your Free WordPress Theme and very close to starting to make money work for you. I recommend you use ‘Firefox’ for this step because I had a hard time doing this with the ‘Chrome’ browser.

Login to your ‘CPanel,’ change your password and click ‘Quick Install’ to install WordPress – Click on WordPress, fill in the info and leave blank the “Install Path” section and fill in the rest.

  • Ask yourself these 3 Very Important questions (WWW):

  • Who is searching for that keyword? Know your target audience.

  • Why are they searching for that keyword?

What do they want? It is very Important to give people what they want, or they’ll be gone before you can say WWW!

Create 4 tabs /Pages: Homepage, About Me (write a short 250 word article about why you created the website and included main + LSI Keywords), Contact (Enter email address), Helpful Article (To Post YouTube Video and write short 250 word description on what the video is about) & Private policy (Scrape it from another site and change it slightly)

You Need 4 Articles

The first two articles (250 – 400 words) are to be posted on your Blog and can be about anything related to the main Keyword! Always include LSI Keywords!

1 The article is for the main post, which should be (400 – 500 words) depending on what you are promoting. This will be the article people see first when they get to your site and is responsible for most of the traffic and sales!

The last article is for YouTube Video. Post this article in the YouTube Video description and should be full of LSI keywords (this helps with ranking and consistent traffic).

Social Bookmarking – For Consistent Traffic!

What is Social Bookmarking? Social bookmarking may be an approach for folks to store, organize, search, and manage “bookmarks” of web pages. Users can save links to the sites that they have interest or wish to share, employing a social bookmarking site to store these links. Students don’t need to think about their assignment, the assignment help Melbourne will take the part and give you the best result as per your need and requirement.

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