Top 7 WordPress trends in 2020

WordPress has been ruling the market when it comes to being the most trusted content management system for web design and development. It has been instrumental in helping users build their websites which, in turn, is the core of a brand’s identity. They contribute a significant amount to the web market with a share of 34% of the websites using WordPress on the Internet. This CMS has a market share by 60.8% according to a report by W3 Techs.

WordPress has always incorporated newer technologies to ensure that there is constant innovation for its users. The company has come a long way in terms of adding new features and functionalities that help in incorporating the user’s vision. The development services have been growing steadily which is important to maintain customer engagement. So much so, 2020 could be called the year of WordPress development services.

So what are the trends that will rule next year?

1. Artificial Intelligence

AI is one of the top trends of the time. It is one of the key components used in the strategies of digital transformations.  Artificial intelligence will definitely accelerate the user experience as well as help boost the website.

Companies are already using AI in a number of ways. Reducing costs, automating the several arms of the business as well as boost time–these are only some of the salient uses. The role of artificial intelligence is only expected to rise in the following year. Companies will be heavily dependent on the technology for customer satisfaction and productivity improvement.

2. The use of multi-purpose themes

WordPress already has a multipurpose theme permit which allows its users to build any type of website which spans across several styles. The themes permit customisations, are sleek and already have a bunch of plug-ins to choose from.

The reason why this multipurpose theme is gaining popularity is because it covers an immense number of websites. Now with a bunch of organizations opting for WordPress for business website development, there is a high possibility that this feature will sky-rocket in 2020.

3. Augmented and Virtual Reality

These two technologies have already witnessed a massive surge in recent times. Most companies and developers are choosing AR and VR for increasing their reach and attracting more consumers in the process.

WordPress has fully authorized VR content with 360-degree images and videos. The extensive popularity that it has witnessed is expected to continue well into 2020. For photo and video based websites, these two options would really help in boosting the site.

4. Website Builders

Despite having a wide selection of plug-ins and themes for smoother web development, some developers would find it difficult to create one. The Website Builders tool is eliminating this problem. What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) is an interface allows users to customize their webpage design instantaneously. This is especially great for those out there with not much experience in website building and is a huge plus point when compared to competitors.

Elementor and Beaver Builder are the WYSIWYG builders of WordPress. Gutenberg was launched by WordPress in 2018 with drag and drop interface to customize several areas of post or page. It would be interesting to see how these website builders help developers in the future as well.

5. E-Commerce

This term has become an inevitable part of WordPress websites. E-commerce is one trend that has become extremely popular and will mostly continue in the future as well. The WooCommerce plug-in has helped in the task execution process immensely. With the latest themes, users can develop and a safe and powerful e-commerce configuration system effortlessly.

Trends in this field like subscription-based services, mobile and personalized shopping will be seeing a steady growth in 2020 as well.

6. Voice Search Optimization

This is a crucial part of the SEO process. With voice assistants like Siri and Alexa already seeing an exponential spike, it is a testament to the trend that it will continue to be in 2020. Users also prefer to use voice search instead of actually typing.

Voice search optimization is a great tool for small, medium as well as large industries to get more customer engagement. In terms of CRM, this would be a great addition and transforms the way users interact with the website.

7. Chat-bot integration

The integration of chat-bots has been done with the CRM on WordPress to administer more user support. This feature helps you monitor the user clicks on different promos even if they’ve downloaded a lead capture or interacted with the social channel.

With the benefits that chat-bots bring to the table, it is a useful addition to your website. It works to understand human interaction and behaviour. Hence if fed with suitable information, it can really help in boosting user interaction and overall experience on the site.


These trends forecasted for 2020 mainly span the web development space. WordPress is truly an innovative platform that really helps users to develop websites that are in-line with their brand’s identity. It is is constantly evolving to ensure this. With the understanding of what the user requires, one can stay ahead in this department.

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