Why WordPress is the best blogging and website platform for student blog

No doubts, WordPress is behind the successful launch of millions of websites worldwide. It’s a free content management system and an excellent tool for students seeking viable ways to build their online presence from scratch. It is an open-source and advanced by a group of volunteers. This makes it a great appeal for anyone. WordPress users can easily extend the functionality of their site by adding plugins as well as other tools to customize its look and feel.

Although this content management system is meant for everyone, it’s most beneficial to student due to its amazing offers. You can quickly get access to a host of plugins to customize your site free. But is this all there is to WordPress? Not at all! Let’s explore and get to know more reasons why WordPress is the best for students.

Multiple plugins

Make the best use of the numerous plugins on WordPress when you use original content on your blog. You can find help with content on studymoose. They have the best essay writing service reviews you can’t get anywhere else. As a student blogger, you can set yourself apart and become outstanding in your niche when you combine this blogging platform with the right content marketing strategy.

As a sky writer, you will find many fascinating plugins for free on this platform. You can freely pick the one that is relevant to your writing and use it to customize your website. You can also share valuable info about you and highlight them on your blog using widgets and tools.

It’s easy to get started

Many students are tech-savvy, while others need someone to guide them through every step. Whether you are an amateur in programming or a professional developer, you will find everything you need from publishing a new domain to creating your original content on this blogging site. The CMS platform has also provided several tutorials for the WordPress student to learn and practice.

Highly responsive

With WordPress, designers can create amazing designs that suit all devices. Hence, your site visitors can easily access its content on all devices. Whether it’s on a smartphone, tablet, or a PC, the user experience will not change. As more users prefer to use their smartphones than a PC, there is a need to make your website mobile-friendly by optimizing its interface and speed. So they can gain excellent user experience that will grow your brand online.

Multiple themes

WordPress users gain access to multiple free themes which is of great benefit to student bloggers who either blog for fun or as a life long career. There are several templates you can choose from and use to create a WordPress schedule.You can also customize and control how they work on your site to enhance user experience.

Shape your online space

With a domain name and a WordPress blog, you can begin to establish an online space for yourself in your chosen niche. It’s best to have your domain name from the beginning and use it to grow your presence online.


Gone are the days when WordPress was solely meant for blogs. But things have improved. With the use of several plugins, settings, and themes, a WordPress website can be a simple blog, static, or a blog component. Its high degree of versatility is one of the many benefits students who choose this CMS enjoy.

It is easy to export

As your needs grow, you may decide to publish elsewhere. This platform makes it easy for you to drag and drop quickly. When considering a web service, it’s advised for the WordPress student to choose an export friendly CMS such as this one. You can easily archive your work or take it along with you to other platforms.

These are some of the reasons why we think WordPress is an excellent option for student bloggers. Although the software is free to download, it needs to be hosted first.

Feel free to make this web service your choice. If you do, you will discover many options and amazing features to make you realize how great a decision you have made.

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