Your guide to adding WordPress anchor links

WordPress Anchor Links or the capability to link to other web pages is one of the most useful capabilities of HTML (and the Internet). You can add links to a web page by adding an anchor element <a> and including the text of the link in between the opening and closing tags.


What is a Hyperlink?

When reading technical documentation, you may come across the term hyperlink which is simply the technical term for the link. These terms are often used interchangeably.

Anchor links:

Anchor links are shortcuts to specific parts of the same page or are a door to another page on the same website or any website on the internet for that matter.

Anchor links help improve the navigational experience of the user and have an added advantage in the search engine ranking department as well. Users who don’t like to scroll as much, like using these a lot. Also, they help the users save a lot of their time by taking them to exactly where they want to go instantly.

Do you know you can create phone call links too.

Need for clickable links

The first few seconds in which an internet user enters a website are very crucial. These decide whether or not he/she will stay on the page. If the users do not find exactly what they are looking for immediately, or if they do not get the meaning of the word to understand the statement, the bounce rate may rise exponentially. This will definitely hurt the future prospects of your site’s online visibility. By providing anchor links on the page or off-page, the user will stay on the page for a longer time. Other things such as creating solid content, having a good user experience and optimizing anchor texts can all help as well. If you want to learn more about anchor text and how to ensure you are optimizing your anchor text, OutreachMama conducted some great research that is worth checking out.


How to create a link to a phone call?

If you want to link your phone number, tel: protocol is used in HTML.

For example,

<a href="tel:99-4589-5667">Call me</a>

The Call me link provided here will start a phone call to the mentioned number within the anchor tags.


How to create a link to SMS through phone?

If you want to send SMS through phone by using a link, sms: protocol is used in HTML.

For example,

<a href="sms:99-4589-5667">Message me</a>

This Message me link will open the messaging app on your phone to send text/SMS messages.


Methods of creating anchor tags

Whatever may be the quality of the content that you put on your website, if it is not user-friendly, then it will be good for nothing.

Some of the most common methods to create anchor links in WordPress are-

  • Manual Insertion
  • Plugin
  • Gutenberg
  • Chrome extension

Seasoned webmasters, use anchor tags to create a map of their websites so that not a single page gets hidden in obscurity. If you face issue in applying anchor links to your websites, it is highly recommended that you opt for Managed WordPress Hosting services so that you don’t face any issue with your project

Web developers who manage forums with threads that go on and on heavily rely on anchor tags to cut across all the white noise. This keeps the relevant answer to all the queries at a single click’s distance.

Many anchor links directly appear on the SERP listing as google search has become more and more efficient. It takes the user directly to that part of the web page, in which he/she is really interested. It heavily improves the readability of the web page.

With the help of this, spiders can crawl through your website faster and make it even more efficient at loading.

Anchor tags sometimes act as scroll buttons. You can put them at the top and the bottom of the page so that the reader does not have to scroll the entire page over.

Let’s look at these methods in detail –

1. Manual Insertion

This method is ideal if one wants to add only a handful of hyperlinks. This is one of the fastest methods to create hyperlinks.

Steps to create hyperlinks

Step 1:

Create the text for your link and add a hyperlink on it as you would normally for any other link.

credits- wpbeginner

Step 2:

You can create links using Html anchor tags and assign a name to it. Anchors start with a “#” character followed by the anchor name.

An example of an HTML code written for anchor tags.

<a href=”#how-to-create-anchor-links”>Manually creating links</a>

Step 3:

You can use the id attribute in any of the HTML element where you wish to jump to while clicking on the anchor link.

For example,

<h2 id=”how-to-create-anchor-links”>Manually creating links</a>

The name of the anchor and ID attribute should remain the same for this link to work.


2. WordPress Plugins

The easiest method of creating anchor tags is by using installing plugins. This method is better suited to bloggers and content developers who regularly write long-form (4000 words or more) articles.

Credits – Hubspot

  • WordPress Plugin is still one of the quickest and easiest method to get the job done.

  • This is really straight forward and will take only a few minutes to attain perfection in the application.

After the successful installation of the plugin, there a few settings you could change. Please click on settings, table of contents.

  • There is an option called “Enable support” which helps you select the headings for the table of contents. This is called post type, on clicking on the specific headings, the user can navigate to that specific content in the page.

  • There is an option to select the table of contents if you want it to be inserted automatically or manually.

  • There is an option that lets you decide on how many headings the post would have before the table of contents option appears.


3. Gutenberg

Gutenberg Plugins are a smart and one-stop solution for all your anchor link placement needs. After the creation of the block, the software will create a table of contents all by itself.

Credits – Ultimate Blocks



Step 1:

In order to create anchor, select the header option in Gutenberg block and click on the “Advanced” tab which is on the right side. Here you will If you want to link to it, simply create a hyperlink on your anchor text.

Step 2:

You can either link it to a URL or assign it an anchor name which should start with a #.


4. Chrome Extension

If you do not want to create anchor links with HTML or by installing a plugin, then here is another way which is anchor links by chrome extension.

  • A chrome extension is a long-term and permanent solution to adding anchor links to any number of web pages the user might want.
  • It is a method that will suit users that use multiple web development and management software.
  • It is a very easy and quick way of creating anchor tags with chrome extension as you need not rely on any third-party plugin.’


Steps to create anchor links using chrome extension

Step 1

When installing the Chrome extension is complete, highlight the heading you wish to anchor link. There is an anchor link chrome extension in the browser’s toolbar, click on that.


Step 2

Select the text which you want to anchor link, create hyperlink and select the option paste.


How to perform Bulk anchor link building on WordPress?

When you have got a bulk talks of adding WordPress anchor, to avoid any confusion with the anchor text and the related link, you can use a project management sheet. With a project management sheet, you can add all the anchor text and links together in the sheet column and row.

Since the task is being done in bulk, hence it may involve a team that needs to be sync and collaborated to diversify anchor linking without error. Any error in this process can lead to misleading pages.

You can prefer Time tracker tool for a team where you can assign anchor task and sheets to your team member and track work report, This makes your bulk anchor verification done on a daily basis while auditing the anchor links.

I hope this guide helps you in understanding how to add anchor links to your WordPress website. If you still have any queries, please feel free to contact the author.

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