Slideshow Gallery plugin 1.7.2 Release Notes

Slideshow Gallery plugin 1.7.2 release notes. Fixed Serial key management.

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Shopping Cart plugin Release Notes

WordPress Shopping Cart plugin release notes. Fixed The date picker (set up in Custom Fields) was not working on the product page. Rewrote logic for visualization of Select2 jQuery fields. Shipping Rates weren’t being saved.

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Newsletters 4.7.6 Release Notes

Release notes for versions 4.7.5 and 4.7.6 of the WordPress Newsletter plugin. Fixed 4.7.5 includes an important fix for the hourly sending limit interval which was not being followed. PayPal IPN verified check. Auto-import users by secondary role as well.

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Newsletters 4.7.4 Release Notes

Release notes for version 4.7.4 of the WordPress Newsletter plugin. Improved Further compatibility for Amazon AWS SES Signature Version 4. Some PHP 8 compatibility. Fixed Mailgun init. Mailgun errors. SendGrid mail send. SparkPost mail send. PHP errors. Other fixes.

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Popup 1.8.3 Release Notes

WordPress Popup plugin 1.8.3 release notes Fixed Deprecated functions and missing checks for datatypes and initialized variables.

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