Newsletter 4.4 Release Notes

WordPress Newsletter plugin 4.4 release notes.


  • Filters in the email queue section
  • See queued emails count when viewing sent/draft emails individually
  • Prevent autoresponder creationg when manually adding subscribers in admin
  • Checkbox to specify Ajax queuing/sending progress while creating newsletter
  • See all unsubscribes history
  • Built-in, daily cron to optimize the database tables
  • Button to open latest posts preview in a new window/tab
  • Export delimiter setting for CSV
  • Empty index.php file in plugin folder to prevent indexing of files
  • Insert anchor links with “name” attribute from TinyMCE
  • Custom hidden field that takes any value, editable by admin
  • Archive sent emails older than X days to a flat file
  • “Continue editing” checkbox in all save sections of admin
  • Show Unsubscribe users to delete
  • Display attached files from newsletter on published post


  • More action/filter hooks
  • Improved publish newsletter as post behaviour
  • Prioritise emails in the queue without an existing error on them
  • Check custom fields on subscribers table when clicking “Check/optimize database”
  • MySQL optimization of tables with indexes
  • Tabs under Import/Export section in admin for easier navigation
  • Queue, import, etc… performance improvements
  • Columns in Newsletters > Subscribers section should reflect in order of custom fields
  • Improved help tooltips design
  • View/Edit buttons per history email under Newsletters > Overview section
  • Change ‘init’ hook priority to 11 for compatibility
  • Change dashboard widget stats chart/graph to 14 days to prevent clutter
  • “Edit” button in dashboard widget latest emails
  • Improvements when upgrading from very old version
  • New, improved TinyMCE button and interfaces
  • Remove unused font files
  • Hidden custom fields should be editable by admin
  • Move bounce “Server Type” setting into CGI bounce DIV
  • Only fire wp_schecule_single_event once, on first activation
  • Put background:none; on offsite code iframe
  • Mark email as read if a user clicks a link inside it


  • Ajax progress queuing/sending to users broken
  • Clicks section bulk actions not working
  • “Send Now” link to user from the email queue doesn’t work
  • Database error when queuing to only users, no mailing lists
  • Cannot turn off captcha on hardcoded forms
  • Language files don’t load with different plugin folder name
  • Post excerpt shortcode no longer working
  • Export subscribers to CSV generates HTML code at the end of the file
  • Subscriber validation fails on special characters like é
  • Associated records not deleted when parent is deleted
  • Newsletters lite admin bar menu shows up on multi-site
  • “Delete Subscriber on Unsubscribe” not working as it should.

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