[SOLVED] Do I need one click SSL plugin when I'm already on https?

I already have the site auto-routing to https site ... so not sure if I need to add this for shopping cart functionality or not.



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    Hello Mare,

    Thank you for getting in contact with us.

    The plugin will work just fine with or without HTTPS, I suppose that you don`t a Security Message popping up whenever someone goes through the checkout procedure though, in this case yes you will need a SSL Certificate for your website (some payment methods will require a SSL cerificate to work properly).

    We recommend that you get in contact with your hosting company and ask where and how you can install a SSL Certificate on your website, they should be able to properly assist you with this.

    Let us know if it helps ok?

    All the best!
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    I hope you managed with the SSL (https://) for the Shopping Cart plugin.

    Let us know if you need any further assistance with it.

    All the best,
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