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Hi there,

Love the plugin!

So I am having issues with the style of my site overriding the style of the plugin. And when I go to the FAQ plugin's settings and edit the style/theme, it doesn't override the site's theme. I'm wondering how I can edit the plugin's style so that I can turn off the theme's styling?

As you can see here, the style doesn't let the user see the bounding box around the form and fields...

I'm using FAQs plugin: Version 1.4.6.


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    Is anyone there to help me with this!?
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    Hi there,

    Apologies for the terrible delay in getting back to you on this. While this forum is good for support for the sake of the community, it would be better to submit a support ticket at http://tribulant.com/support/ if the issue is urgent.

    Have you set "Use Theme Style File?" to "No" and "Use Custom CSS" to "Yes" under FAQs > Configuration > Theme & Custom CSS?

    If you're stuck and unable to resolve this, please consider submitting a support ticket with WordPress admin login detailsso we could investigate, will you?

    I look forward to your response.

    Kind regards,

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