[SOLVED] Copy product in old version of plugin

edited December 2013 in Shopping Cart plugin
Hi there

Im using a very old version of your checkout plugin 1.6.

The reason I have not upgraded is because my client wanted it to work & look a very specific way back then so it is now very heavily customized to his requirements. However he now wants to implement the new 'copy product' feature you added. 

Is it possible for me to add this feature to my old version of the plugin?  If you can let me know how to do this, what files to edit etc then I woudl be eternally grateful.



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    Thank you for your post, John.

    Yes, you could copy the code over to your current version of the plugin.
    It requires edits in several places though.

    Please submit a ticket then we'll give you the paths, files and line numbers: http://tribulant.com/support/

    We will assist you with it but we recommend that you upgrade the plugin since it contains many other features and improvements which help with performance, reliability, etc.

    All the best
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