"Showcase Product" causes issue with tabs

I am having an issue with showcased products. The text for showcased products is being placed in the same div as the tabulated product descriptions which is causing them to float right and not take up 100% of the width. Any ideas? 

Here's what a normal product looks like:

And here's what a showcased product looks like:


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    Thank you for your post.

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

    I see that you're using the 'simpleblue' theme folder under Checkout > Configuration > General > Theme, Scripts & Custom CSS. Can you please change that to 'default' and see if it resolves the problem?

    We have actually discontinued the 'simpleblue' folder and it is no longer distributed with the Shopping Cart plugin. We are however releasing some child theme folders for specific, popular WordPress themes which will be out soon, starting with a child theme folder for Twenty Fourteen WordPress theme.

    Let me know what the outcome of changing to 'default' is. I look forward to your feedback.
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