[SOLVED] guest view in checkout

I am not wanting to allow guest checkout, however I do want first-time viewers to see the items for sale first up when they visit the shop.


Instead it is showing a prompt for search, then login prompt, then "there are no items in your cart", then the shop.  How to rearrange so it shows the Shop first?



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    Thank you for your post.

    What shortcode do you have in this Shop page?
    It is supposed to be [wpcoproducts] shortcode.

    Either the shortcodes in that page are incorrect, meaning they were changed.
    Or it is possible that you have content access to logged in users turned on under Checkout > Configuration.

    Please let me know what you see in that page and if my comments help.

    All the best,
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    shortcode is correct, and content access to logged in users only is set at No.
    this is a fresh install and is a direct copy of another site which is working perfectly.

    It is actually showing the shop, its just showing it at the bottom of the page instead of the top??

    what is a shortcode for ONLY showing the products ... i.e. none of the search/login/etc ?

    because if I click on one of the categories (not-logged-in) it shows that category as I want it to be initially.

    thanks for your help.

    here is what I have:

    here is what I want:
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    I am having a similar problem. I installed guest check out but it still ask them to register? I can't seem to locate the " content access to logged in users turned on under Checkout > Configuration." ??
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    Thank you for your response, annmartinson.

    Definitely has more than one shortcode in it, that's why it's outputting the search, cart, etc.

    Can you please submit a ticket with WordPress login details for us to check?
    You can do that here: http://tribulant.com/support/
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    Thank you for your comment, CDB

    Your problem seems to be a different issue though.

    Did you install and activate guest checkout extension plugin and then turn on guest checkout setting under Checkout > Configuration > General > User Related Settings?

    Please check and get back to me on that.
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    Yes. I have installed the plugin and turned it on.
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    Okay. I just figured it out. Sorry to have had bothered you. Thank you!
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    Thank you for your response.

    And no problem, I'm glad I could try and assist and give some guidance.

    I assume the problem was that the "Guest Checkout" setting just needed to be turned on under Checkout > Configuration in the Shopping Cart plugin, right?
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    How do we implement the plug in so visitors can donate directly from the site's donation button.


    we purchased the plug in just the other day and have pretty much set it
    up but can't find any documentation as to how to make it work the way
    we'd like it to
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    I believe you submitted a ticket regarding this and that we replied.
    Did our reply help and did you manage with it?

    The quickest and easier way is to create a donation product under Checkout > Products in the Shopping Cart plugin. Then you can link that "Donate" button to the donation product's post/page on the site.
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