[Solved] Configuration Amazon ses/sns in newsletter stopped working for me

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Hello tribulant

A couple of weeks ago I configured Amazon SES for my web domain in order to use it as SMTP server, it worked fine for two mailing of the newsletter, but stopped working.

In my account of amazon SES, I have checked my web domain and two email addresses, one for bounces. The DKIM options are enabled and bounces SNS, as recommended in the documentation page http://docs.tribulant.com/wordpress-mailing-list-plugin/7131

In the plugin configure tribulant Amazon SES and SNS smoothly and it worked well in two newsletter sent. Incluis configure DKIM signing tribulant according to the documentation.

The subscription confirmation email sent stopped for no reason, after the second newsletter, and using the "test email settings" button displays the following error:

"The Following From address failed: bounces@mydomain.com : Called Mail () without being connected"

" bounces@mydomain.com " is the second account that I checked for bounces at amazon ses / sns / and plugin settings

Apparently there is some instability that I have not detected , and have returned to using the server setup my hosting

My subscribers are increasing and need to continue using amazon ses and tribulant

Can I get help to solve ? thanks in advance

domain: pymesycalidad20.com
Plugin: newsletter tribulant
wordpress: 3.8.1


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    Thank you for your post.

    I see from your post that the error message is: "The Following From address failed: bounces@mydomain.com : Called Mail () without being connected"

    It could mean one of two things:

    1. Your hosting cannot make an outgoing PHP socket connection to the Amazon SES host, port and protocol. You can just email/phone your hosting provider to confirm that the outgoing PHP socket connection is allowed and working.

    2. The Newsletter plugin sets 2 headers which Amazon SES looks at. The one is the "From" header which contains the value of the "From Address" setting under Newsletters > Configuration > General > General Mail Settings and the other is the "Return-Path" header which contains the value of the "Bounce Receival Email" under Newsletters > Configuration > General > Bounce Configuration. Either these two settings need the same email address value and you need to verify/validate this one email address in Amazon SES panel or if the two settings have different values, you need to verify/validate BOTH these email address as verified senders in your Amazon SES panel.

    I look forward to your response once you've looked at these two things.

    All the best,
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