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edited March 2014 in FAQ plugin
Is there a way for the short codes to produce links to the Question post instead of opening/having the answer right on the page list?


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    Thank you for your post.

    The best way to currently do this is to use the excerpt feature in the FAQ plugin.
    It will then still show a part of the answer but then show a 'read more' link to the post/page with the full answer.

    Will that work for you?
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    Unfortunately not.  The answers are usually fairly short and it just shows the whole answer even if I do this.

    In addition, I would like to link to the Post page for the question/answer so that I can track which questions are being viewed.

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    Hi. Just purchased the plugin and i hope that have fixed this since March 2014? I cant find the solution...Do you have a money back guarantee? Everything else is perfect! Goran
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    This is currently in development. We haven't released it with our last 1.6 update of the FAQ plugin yet.

    If you want to use it or try it out, please submit a ticket to us:

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