Missing "Add to cart" button after upgrade to 1.8.1

After our upgrade to version 1.8.1 we've noticed that the "Add to cart" button is missing

How can we fix this urgent issue?

Wordpress version: 3.8.1


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    Hi Dale

    The "Add to cart" button is not missing, it looks like the text on the button is changed to register.
    Do you need the register button to read add to cart?
    You can change that under Checkout> Products- edit a product- Misc- Button Text.

    I hope this help.


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    I hope you are doing well.

    Did you manage to resolve the problem?

    We see a "Register Now" button on each of the products: http://goo.gl/gXww1y

    If you don't see it, please clear your browser cache and try again.
    Let us know if you're still stuck.
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    What I noticed is after clicking "Register Now" there isn't anything int he cart.
    It just says "There are no items in your shopping cart, please add some"

    To determine the problem, please turn on debugging under Checkout > Configuration.
    If there are database errors, please deactivate/reactivate the Shopping Cart plugin.

    If it's not that, it could be cache? Do you have a caching plugin installed?
    If you do, you can exclude the "/cart/" in your caching plugin
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