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I have been trying to make a slideshow gallery with vertical and horrizontal pictures but my vertrical pictures are never fully shown.(even when I test this with only vertical pictures it still is faulty)

So I have made the gallery fixed (450x600) and scaled all my images in photoshop to fit perfectly (height 450, width 600) and no matter what, when I put my slideshow together they never fit propperly, the height is never correct, the sllideshow will allways zoom in as if the vertical image is to big when indeed it´s not. 

Mind you the horizontal image never has a problem, no matter the size it will stay in there in full size.

I have been through the forum but none of the posts have resolved the issue.

can you please help me!!


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    Thank you for your post.

    Do you have a link to the slideshow, please?

    For vertical images, you most likely want to set the slideshow to 450 x 600 where 450 is the width and 600 is the height, correct? 

    I look forward to your response.
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    I'm having this same problem.  I've resized my vertical images to be quite small and they're still not fitting within the screen.  I shouldn't have had to resize them though because I have responsive checked correct?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!  Thanks.
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    It depends though, can you provide a link to your slideshow?
    I would gladly assist you with it.
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    I had to use another plugin because my client wants to see the site today.  Thank you so much for your quick response!
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    Sorry to hear that and let us know if you still need help in the future.

    I'll add this to our development list so that we can try and improve this but I'm unsure what the problem is because I wasn't able to see it.

    If you have any information to add here which can help us, that will be greatly appreciated.
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    I'm having the same problem.  Please see

    Horizontal images are fine but vertical images take up the entire width of the slideshow, even though I resized the images before uploading.

    The slideshow would only work when I selected the responsive format so I cannot specify height.

    I think this is a great plugin and very easy to use (I'm not very technical).  Any help would be appreciated.

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