Working with lightbox


I'm trying to set up a contest between pictures on my website, and your plugin is the perfect solution for me. However, I've been using another plugin to add a lightbox view of my galleries (Lightbox Gallery from the official directory) and it seems to be deactivated/bypassed by Voting Gallery.

- Is there a way to put both plugins at work on the same gallery?

- If not, are there other plugins/native wp features which could enable a lightbox view (or similar) when visitors click on an item of my gallery, compatible with Gallery Voting?
EDIT: I'd be totally cool with paying for that kind of solution, if I'm 100% sure it will be compatible

I'm not trying to put the Voting Gallery button ON the lightbox view (though it would be nice if possible), but to allow my visitors to vote for one picture, while being able to enjoy this picture in its original size (without leaving the page) by clicking on it.

Thanks in advance for your help! 


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