Gallery option for all slode shows

Is it possible to automatically create a page of thumbnails that link to each slideshow. As slide shows are added this page would be updated, with new thumbnail and title.

I am working on converting this site to wordpress, and your plugin is almost perfect except for this one feature.

Thanks in advance


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    This is a manual work up of what I have in mind*, but it is table based and the client could never figure out how to edit it. ;)

    I guess column options might be useful too.
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    Another small thing that would be nice is to control the info / description location overlay, without having to edit css. As it is the overlay hides critical parts of the slide images.
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    Thank you for your post.

    The Slideshow Gallery plugin doesn't have a gallery/index page with thumbnails linking to the individual galleries at this moment in time.

    We do have this on our development list though and the idea would be that each gallery you create under Slideshow > Manage Galleries will have it's own thumbnail and a custom post will be created for it so that it is possible to link to it easily without interfering with the rest of the content on the site.

    Do you have any input on how you want to control the information bar on the slideshows, please?

    I look forward to your response.
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    Thanks, for my clients who complained, I would like to put the info bar as an option below the images in the slide show but above the thumbnails (at the bottom), or alternativly if the thumbnails are on top, then below the slideshow.

    Also after adding 60 images to 10 slide shows, I can tell you that it gets old having to select each image for editing - to change the setting for the info bar to description only, because the titles are imported as the filename, and I do not want those showing to the public, so it would be great to have an option, to add to the short code for any slideshow, to show infobar title OR not, as it is there as an option to showinfo = true, so
    showinfo_title=false would work for me.<br><br>finally, I have uncovered a bug, where the slide order gets undone after seting it, when I edit slide settings, so i have to re order the slides once I am done editing. You can confirm this by noticing that when editing slide options after hitting save the slides are in a different order even in that edit window.<br><br>Other than that, I think you have done a terrific job, and would happily make a donation.<br>
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    So to clarify an option to have the info bar NOT overlay the slide images... would be great.

    Also - the edit gallery would need a description and thumb or favorite image field, and possibly an order field, if you did have the gallery thumbnail page option, which would be great. Something to add to the very scant page.

    On further thinking...that gallery thumbnail page could have layout options: mosaic, tile, grid, poster board, slider...

    thanks again, for both a great plugin, and responsive support forums.
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