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edited February 2015 in Gallery Voting plugin

Is it possible to add social sharing to images of the voting gallery to share them on social networks?

I have tried it, but the social sharing buttons are sharing the image only or sharing the photo contest page with the thumbnail of the first image in the gallery.



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    This is not currently possible but we can add it to our development list.

    How do you envision this? Sharing buttons for each gallery item, or?

    I look forward to your response with more details.
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    Im looking for the same thing and more.


    I want a feature where in the gallery, each image has some info relating to the image, the vote button as well as social media shares. When the user clicks on the image they get a light box on which they can vote and share as well as zoom to sections of it by scrolling their mouse around. Then i would like a widget that i can place on my home page which automatically scrolls through selected images/categories as the user votes.

    Is this available, possible, on its way?



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