Only 1st Slideshow Loading

Hi, I've inhereted a site using this plugin with 2 slideshows on a two-column page and only the first slideshow will load - the other has a perpetual loading anim.

I've tried using the "All in Footer" option, but no help. I've tried simply stacking the slideshows on the page, with the same result, with no luck. If I re-order the slideshows, it still only loads the first one. Both slideshows work if they are the only one on the page.

I'm also running Revolution Slider, but don't have any sliders on the same page and I'm using their option to only load the RevSlider JS on pags that have a RevSlider.

I know some others had this problem, but the "All in Footer" option solved the problem for them. However, it's not helping in my case. I don't have any other plugins installed that seem like they would create a conflict - all basic stuff like Contact Form 7, Easy Columns and Broken Link Checker, etc.

Thanks for any help.




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