[t.. post_id="X"] only working 1st time - tested at demo


Just arrived here: hello !

I am trying the slideshow gallery and noticed that

<code>[tribulant_slideshow post_id="X"] (being X the post number)</code>

is working right, but ONLY for the first time I use it.

Sounds crazy, I know, so I web to the official demo

1- I created a post, add some pics o it and use the shortcode widh post_id. Worked just perfect

2- I created a new post, with some other pics on it. Use shortcode whith the new id ... no slideshow appears.

3- I went back to 2nd post and I changed de post_id value to the number of the first post... slideshow showed...

(2nd post page slideshow only worked up with slideshow of 1st post created.!


Am I crazy or there is something weid on here?

help needed ... developers or psycologist as well




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