Statistics issues

edited August 2015 in Newsletter plugin


We're looking at responses to email and read (opened tracker images) versus clicked emails. Hitting a few problems though with the stats presentation.

Firstly, going into view an email sent on July 1 presents a chart running from Jul 19 to Aug 1. That's not much use as all the activity for this newsletter was in the first week. Unless I'm missing something, there's no way to go back to look at earlier dates. If it has to be fixed, it would be better to start it from the date of first sending rather than the most recent 2 weeks.

The next thing is, the chart shows everything except number or read (opened) emails. It would be more useful to also have that (or is that an option somewhere?)

We'd like to compare opened emails with clicked emails - this would give an idea of how many emails are being clicked even though images are not allowed by the client/user. This can be worked out from the mail list filters, but the exported CSV does not include all the info displayed in the Sent list. Clicked is not there. Can that be added please?



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