Strange Layout on some individual listings

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Hey folks,

Here is what most posts look like and is correct:

But, some (not a lot) but some do this:

Can you look at it? How may I fix this so it looks like the first link in and all other rogue listings that do similar?




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    @bird ;

    Thank you for your post.

    The CSS of the slideshow gallery looks completely different.

    Did you make modifications to it at all?

    I look forward to your response.

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    Hi @tribulant

    Yes! We made changed to the layout of the slideshow plugin HOWEVER we never touch the css of the plugin, whatever changes we made, was itself under the theme style.css. We don't know what happened to this now...

    Thanks for looking into it.

    Let me know.

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    There is definitely a layout/CSS issue there. That's why I asked because I noticed immediately.

    Can you make a backup of your changes or changed plugin and install the original plugin to see if it renders correctly then?

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    Hi @tribulant

    I backuped my current copy of the plugin and installed a fresh copy.

    I then cleared Cache.

    It did not seem to make a difference.

    Please advise.



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    Hi @tribulant

    Happy morning/evening to ya . . . 

    I went ahead and backed up my old copy of the plugin locally. Then, I downloaded a fresh copy from the WP respository and installed it.

    Afterwards, I cleared the WP cache.

    It still seems to be the same. Most individual posts look fine. It is just the occasional post like the one above every once in a while that comes up.

    What do you think?


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    It has to be a css issues, it can be a conflict with your theme or another plugin. 

    Is it possible to open a ticket with a link and WordPress login details to your slideshow? We will try to find the cause of the css issue on your slideshow?



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