iframe offsite-code generates to much content

Hello tribulant-team,

how could I avoid not needed code and elements when using the iframe offsite code?

Please have a look on


to see, what I mean: On the bottom right corner there are some icons, which are included in normal pages of the domain, where the newsletter plugin is activated. But this shold not show up in the iframe for the offsite subscription.

Is there a solution to include only the subscription form in the iframe?





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    I checked your link and see what you're saying.

    The social sharing icons specifically, right?

    It looks like that plugin is firing it's icons on wp_footer or on wp_enqueue_scripts hook instead of just enqueuing it's scripts or whatever and putting it's content where it should be. Are there settings in this social media sharing icons plugin to adjust this? If not, can you ask the author/developer?

    What is the name of the plugin btw?

    I look forward to your response.

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