Disable wpautop to content areas

edited September 2015 in Newsletter plugin

Hi! In the latest version (september 28th) they apply wpautop() to newsletter content areas. Only at preview and send the code is messed up. Also remove_filter wpautop in functions.php is not working. Disable wpautop by plugins is not working.

This code for example:

<code><![if gte mso 9]></td><td><![endif]--></code>

Becomes by preview and sending...

<code><p><!-- [if gte mso 9] ></td><td><![endif]--></p></code>

How can I remove the <p> tags?

I'm looking forward to your reply!



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    This function is affecting me, too, as it relates to adding images. When adding an image from the Media Library on a separate line (not within a paragraph), paragraph tags are added around the IMG tag, and the image always aligns to the left in the content area, regardless of selecting center or right alignment.

    Is there a solution for this?

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