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I'm needing to integrate the Tribulant Shopping Cart Plugin with Shipworks.  Shipworks is a multi channel shipping management tool that works VERY well with a ton of platforms.  Unfortunatly, Tribulant isn't one of them.

But, they still can work with Tribulant if tribulant can export order files in a CSV (Tab sperated actually) format.

Can Tribulant do this?

Even a manual process where the operator had to select the unprocessed orders and click export or something like that would work.

Any thoughts?  Has anybody interfaced with Shipworks before?


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    Note: XML works also.  Actually, it works better than CSV

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    ** IS ANYBODY OUT THERE????  **

    I posted this question here and opened a support ticket on Dec 26th.  Today, Jan 1, I've still heard NOTHING but silence.

    Is the tribulant eCom plugin still supported or is it an abandoned product?

    Would really appreciate hearing from somebody at tribulant.  Or from a forum member.

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    Just a note that Tribulant and I are communicating via the support case I opened.  Took a bit, but it is happening now and thats the most important part.

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    I replied to your support ticket. You will be able to export orders to a csv file only. Checkout>Orders- Export All, or select orders to bulk export them.



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    Thank you for your posts.

    We have a task on our development list to integrate Shipworks with our Shopping Cart plugin and will escalate it to high priority if we receive more requests on this.

    You can either develop a Shipworks extension using action/filter hooks or we can quote you to build it for you and then release it as an extension on our site and provide you with a percentage of the sales:

    I look forward to your response.

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