problem with the unsubscribe modal dialog box

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I am having problems with the manage subscriptions page. Essentially, in IE, the modal dialog box that asks for confirmation or comments (reason for unsubscribing) works just fine but in FF and Chrome the calculated top position is way off screen. It seems to be something calculated by jquery-ui so I cannot figure a way to fix it. Can you reproduce this issue on your end or is it something unique to my site setup?

By the way, I did try to turn off the loading of jQuery UI CSS but that didn't seem to actually work (I mean, it seems the page is still loading it even when I turned it off).



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    I'm sorry for the delay in posting back here.

    Did you manage with the unsubscribe confirmation dialog?

    If not, I'll continue to assist you with it.

    Are you using the /default/ theme folder under Newsletters > Configuration > General > Theme, Scripts & Custom CSS? If you are, can you please switch to /default2/ and see if that resolves it?

    I look forward to your response.

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    We received another complaint regarding the unsubscribe confirmation dialog box.

    The issue is specifically with the /default/ theme folder.

    If you use /default2/ the problem is not present.

    We are working on improving/fixing this right now.

    Then we will have an update soon with this improvement included.

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    Unfortunately, I didn't see your reply because I don't get any notifications when someone replies to a thread I have opened - is there an option for that I cannot find?

    As for the issue, I had solved it more or less with a CSS modification, but I just verified that the default2 works quite well so I have now switched to it.

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