Cannot get Google Analytics Extension to Work

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Many months ago I posted a problem regarding the GA extension that was never answered and so I deactivated it and have never used it. Now I am setting up a new site and having an even worse problem. When I try to enable the GA for a newsletter and send a test message I get the following error:

Sent/draft email could not be loaded, please try again.

For more information, I am using recurring, scheduled emails and have the same problem with all of them.

If I deactivate the extension the error goes away. Any ideas? Anybody else successfully using this extension?

UPDATE: I looked at the database and it appears that when I activate the extension it is not adding the relevant fields to the wpmlhistory table.


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    Thank you for your post.

    Which version of the Newsletters - Google Analytics extension are you currently using?

    We recently released version 1.2 which fixes the issue with the database fields not created which causes the newsletter draft not to save. Please get the latest version:

    Let me know if that resolves the issue?

    I look forward to your response.
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    I had 1.1 installed, though there was no notice that it needed to be updated...

    I just installed and activated 1.2 but it still did not create the db fields. I have the debug feature enabled and I did not get any error messages upon activation.
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    Did you deactivate and reactivate the extension after installing the new version?

    Can you please create a ticket with login details for us to check if the problem persists?
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    Yes, I deactivated and deleted the old version then I installed and activated the new version. I don't think creating a ticket will help because right now I am developing on a local XAMPP setup that cannot be accessed online.
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    Ok, can you please create a ticket once you've put it online?
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    Yes, I will do that. In the meantime I have manually added the fields to my table to do some testing but it doesn't seem to work. I just upgraded to 1.2 on my other site (just the local dev version not live yet).

    One thing I have consistently seen (old version and new) is that any GA fields in the history table (as well as the status field) are automatically destroyed whenever I edit a newsletter. I don't imagine that is by design. Can you verify on your end?
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