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Does this plugin offer mobile settings?

For example, do you have:

a. A choice not to show the Popup in mobile (smartphone) environments.
b. A choice to resize for mobile smartphones.

Currently, this plugin does not work properly in mobile -- given it takes up the entire screen and you cannot close it easily given it is outside of the display area.

I'd rather not make the popup window small (mobile resolution) as this looks odd for larger screen viewers. Please confirm a workaround for this.



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    Hi Vienna,

    I'm afraid PlatinumPopup was never designed with mobile browsers in mind (short-sighted, I do admit), but it is on our development list to implement mobile compatibility as soon as possible.

    I hope this helps? Please feel free to give us a shout if you need any further support.

    Best regards,


    [EDIT] I have to just mention that the plugin was developed before it was moved to Tribulant Software. we are now working at setting right the pre-existing design flaws.
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    Good day,

    We are currently working on a checkbox per popup to turn the popup on/off automatically when a mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.) accesses the site. That way you can display certain popups to desktop users only.

    The popups currently work great on mobile devices. They are are not responsive as such but they can still be viewed and closed just like they can on the desktop. You can use percentage (%) based popups to make them more responsive and position them accordingly.

    All the best,
    Antonie Potgieter
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    Hi. I just purchased the popup plugin. I can't find any options mobile or tablets when exiting the website.
    More than 50% of my customers visit with mobile or tablets.
    Maybe you can implement an option to popup when using the back or close button.
    Thanks. Good plugin.
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    Thank you for your post @Jackazoid

    We have already developed these device settings to activate a popup for mobile, tablet and/or desktop.
    This is what the setting looks like per popup:

    We'll be making a release for the Popup plugin shortly with this functionality, together with many other features and improvements. If you'd like to have a development build of the plugin with this feature in the meanwhile, please submit a ticket to us and we'll share it with you:

    All the best,
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