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I have had issues with sending emails for a while but it has always been when they are scheduled. Today I went into draft newsletter, selected the lists to send to and tried to queue it immediately. It was queued but nothing was sent. I looked at the queue and then clicked on run now and the first 50 emails were sent. After the scheduling period of 2 mins nothing more was sent. I am now having to go back and click on run now to send the remaining emails 50 at a time. I have in the past had this all working so am not sure what has changed. Any recent guides or handing troubleshooting tips around?


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    I think I sorted this all on my own. If anyone has this issue you should do the usual i.e. check you have used server cron etc BUT you should also check your raw access logs and search for cron. This will tell you if the cron job is being run and at what frequency. I set it to run every minute but it seems that a server upgrade of some sort changed the settings so it is being run at 1 min past each hour i.e hourly. Will need to test this but it looks like it may be solved.
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    I'm glad to hear that you managed with it.

    Yes the crons are often a problem. Many hosting providers also don't like crons and may disable them or limit them to 15 or 20 minutes, etc. It is important to always make sure the cron runs.

    Ultimately the WordPress cron job works fine but it requires visitors/traffic on the website to function accurately.
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