[Solved] how to filter out blacklist addresses

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I have many clients on a blacklist which unsubscribesd over the years. Now I have to migrate all my addresses from my old newsletter program to a new tribulant list. I can export only ALL addresses (including unsubscribers) and the Blacklist itself. How can I manage it that nobody on the blacklist gets into my new Tribulant Mailinglist. (Or will be excluded while the sending process - as my old program handled this) Is there a way to filter blacklisted clients out?

Cheers Gerhard


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    Unfortunately it is not currently possible to import unsubscribes or bounces. We have received requests for this. It is on our development list and we are currently working on it.

    In the meanwhile, can you export only active addresses from your current software which have not unsubscribed or bounced or is that not possible?

    I look forward to your response.
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    Hi thanks for your response. Now I found a way to export only active subscribers, so everything is fine now :-)
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    Great, I'm glad to hear that you found a way of only exporting active subscribers.

    I will mark this discussion as [Solved] for now but we are still working on a way to import unsubscribes and bounces into the Newsletter plugin accordingly.
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