Is there a variable to use if sending to a User Roles but they are not on a list

Hi Guys,

I have a situation where I mail out membership updates to my customers. These users are not on a list but instead are users inside wordpress with a specific role of "Members".

If you create a newsletter to send to them...there is not shortcode variable to use since they are not on a list. Is there any kind of shortcode or variable you can use to grab the firstname from wordpress?

I'd love to be able to to this.


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    edited February 2017

    Yes, you can put the WordPress first name and any other user meta values in a newsletter as needed.

    In order to do that, create custom fields under Newsletters > Custom Fields for your subscribers. Then go to Newsletters > Configuration > System > Auto Import WordPress Users and map the custom fields to WordPress meta values. (You don't have to turn the auto import on, just map the fields).

    As a result, say your custom field is "First Name" and it's shortcode is [newsletters_field name="firstname"] which yo use in the newsletter, use that same shortcode and the mapped custom field will be picked up and it will output the first name of the WordPress user.
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    Interesting. So if I Did want to have the system auto-import subscribers into a list....what list would they end up on as I don't see one listed in that Auto Import? Are they just put in as a subscriber with no list?
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    When you send to user roles, they are not inserted as subscribers at all, you are sending directly to the users themselves. Give it a try.
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