Total MS Control - Anyway to limit Local Mail

Is there a way in Total MS control to limit or change some of the features of the Newsletter plugin?

For example I don't want my users to be able to send mail via the Local Mail option... I want them to use either SMTP or an API.

Also I don't want my users to be able to import at large list. As far as I can see you can manually had people one by one. Is there a way to say... "Only allow X amount per day to be added manually"


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    Thanks for your post.

    It is currently not possible to limit the local mail exchange option for the mail type setting in the Newsletter plugin using Total MS Control.

    I'll add this to the development list of the plugin so that we can make it available together with some of the other settings. Maybe an extensive panel where every setting in the plugin can be turned on/off for specific sites/roles?
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    Yes that would be perfect.... a Control panel is exactly what we need. For example we want to disable or limit the number of people a person can import into a list so we have control as many users may try to buy emails and spam.

    If we could turn off or change features per user role or user that would be perfect.
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