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I've used the newsletters plugin some times. Now, although there where no changes in the settings or somthing, it seems, that the newsletter is not sent. Since beneath the progress bar during send, the green number stays 0, while the red failed numer rises and rises. I cannot find any error message. Is there any log, where I can find a hint to solve this issue?

Curiously in the overview of the newsletter, where the emails are listed, the newsletter was sent to, the column 'sent' is always checked and even some of the columns 'read' and 'clicked' are checked. For my understanding it seems, as if the newsletter was sent. Or why is that?

If I use the test mail to check the email settings, the test mails arrives. So this is working fine.

So, do you have any idea, why I have 0 mailed sent successfully, while all failed. Is there any log?

'Newsletters - Gravity Forms' and 'Newsletters - Send to Friend' are also installed.



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    Do you possibly have debugging turned on which could break the Ajax calls while the emails are actually sending?

    Please check if WP_DEBUG is set to true in your wp-config.php file and also check under Newsletters > Configuration if debugging is turned on on the right-hand side.

    Then turn it off and try again?
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