Cannot Edit Newsletters

I've been using this plugin successfully for more than a year, but I suddenly find that I cannot edit new or existing newsletters. The buttons are visible on the Text view but I cannot put the cursor into the editor and enter text. There are no buttons or menu in the Visual view, and, if I change from Text to Visual, the editing space collapses. I've tried three different browsers, and had the same problem in all of them.


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    I replied to your ticket regarding this and will continue to assist you.

    It sounds like the WordPress TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor is broken due to a Javascript error or some sort of conflict. The browser's console should tell you if there is a Javascript error.

    Best is to deactivate other plugins and see if another plugin is breaking the editor. If it's not a plugin it could be the theme as well. That way you can determine the cause.
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