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I offer a service to clients who subscribe and pay via Paypal recurring monthly payments. For some reason an automated newsletter email stating that their subscription has expired is being sent to certain clients every month asking them to resubscribe. This is causing a huge issue as their original subscription hasn't expired and if they renew via this newsletter then multiple payments are taken from their account. I am looking for help to stop these automated renewal notices being sent. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    @Carolyn Bakewell

    The plugin should only send an expired notification if the subscription has an expired/inactive status and thus asking them to renew it.

    Do you have PayPal recurring payments enabled?

    Can you please submit a ticket through to us with some details like screenshots showing what you see for those subscribers under Newsletters > Subscribers?
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    The system worked perfectly for 18 months and I have done nothing to change the settings. Before I messaged you I spoke with someone at Paypal to make sure it was all ok their end. The recurring payments are enabled. Each one says 'indefinite - continue until cancelled'.

    The man I spoke to talked me through cancelling the extra subscriptions to the affected individuals, but this has caused more problems. Despite having one subscription still active they were notified that their subscription had expired and they have received no daily emails from me since.

    On further investigation the subscription seems to be expiring before the Paypal payment is going out, but usually on the same day. How could this have got out of sync?

    I am doing this from my laptop and don't know how to do a screen shot!

    Many thanks,

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