[SOLVED] Will this Shopping Cart allow a view like this?

edited September 2012 in Shopping Cart plugin

I am very interested in this cart.


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    Hi fgatlin,

    By default the Shopping Cart plugin doesn't have a view like this. You can, however, edit the "wp-checkout/views/default/products/loop.php" template file to show products in a table like that. You would need some knowledge of HTML and preferably a bit of experience with editing PHP files or WordPress template files.

    It might be wise to copy/duplicate the entire theme folder ('default' or 'simpleblue') and call it e.g. 'mytheme', edit the file "wp-checkout/views/default/products/loop.php" and then select that theme as the current theme in your Shopping Cart plugin's configuration settings (Checkout > Configuration > General Configuration, in the Themes, Scripts & Custom CSS block). It's also wise to download and save your custom theme to your PC, since it will be deleted when you do a plugin update.

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    I hope this helps?

    Best regards,


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