Use of Shopping Cart Plugin with just one product

I am working on a website that for now, only has one product, which is a CD.

When a visitor clicks on the "Shop" menu item, they are taken to the "Shop" page where the product displays, with a "Add to Cart" button. If the website visitor wants more information on this CD, they would have to realize to click on the product image to go to the information page. You can see this effect at:

With only one product, I would prefer that the "Shop" menu option takes the website visitor to the only item product page, where the description and other information are readily available.

Since the product page is not an official Wordpress page or post, I can not reset the "Shop" default page to the product page, as it does not show up in the drop down list for "Shop Front Page" within the plugin configuration.

I am using the most recent versions of the Shopping Cart plugin (Version and of Wordpress (Version 3.5.1).

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to display the only item product page as the "Shop Front Page"? I would want to do this until the have another product available, which will probably be another 6 months.



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