Issue with sent emails.

edited November 2017 in Newsletter plugin
I´ve installed and configured the plugin Newsletters for Wordpress, but I am facing the following issue:
1-The plugin is configured to send a newsletter every friday (well actually the posts are schedule to auto publish every friday, this triggers the newsletter.)
2-Every other friday, all the emails are being sent twice, for example, one friday sends 77 mails (correct number of subscribers), the next friday the plugin sends 144 mails (same list, each subscriber receives two identical emails), the next friday the system sends 77 mails, next friday 144, and so on.
3-I´ve updated to the latest version of the plugin Newsletters, which I thought was going to fix this (from the changes log on : "Multiple/duplicate latest posts newsletters generated"), but the issue persists (the last friday, which was supposed to sent the correct number of emails, actually sent twice the emails, so now there were two friday in a row sending twice the emails)

What could be causing this issue? Thank you!
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